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Thriller Podcast – Episode 46: BITCOIN |VS| BITCOIN CASH

News: 1. Tax Reform to Impact Crypto Investors. The U.S. tax code is on the brink of its largest overhaul in three decades. And while neither the House of Representatives or Senate version of the tax bill (both have passed in their respective chambers and are in the process of being reconciled into a final bill) specifically addresses cryptocurrency, several rule changes could potentially catch bitcoin holders who realized eye-popping gains in 2017 by surprise. 2. Can Bitcoin Forks Deliver Value? Forks have become so prevalent one might call the model an initial fork offering (IFO). Not just bitcoin gold and bitcoin cash, but more bitcoin variations initiated by Chinese companies such as “super bitcoin,” “bitcoin diamond” and “bitcoin god” are on the way. And while all may be finding a market, it’s worth asking the question, are these networks delivering on the promise of the technology? And should consumers care? Tech Tip of the Day: Toshi for iOS and Android, is an open source browser for the Ethereum network. Our mission is to provide universal access to financial services. CryptoKitties is now featured on the front page of the latest Toshi apps for quick access. If you don’t see CryptoKitties, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. Coin Talk: EOS purchased yesterday evening, Twitter Livestreaming via Periscope. We look at IOTA, Ripple, Verge and all the coins especially TRON in Market Recap. Main Topic: Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash, we finally dive into this topic covering both sides fairly. We discuss the issue with Miners and Bitcoin Core and the differences of the coin. Who will win for the fight of the name BTC. Credits: Music for the Podcast: & Host: Find more of Roger Ver at Find more of Richard Heart on Support the Show: Patreon: Tip Jar: Hardware Wallets We Recommend: Ledger Nano S: KeepKey: Trezor: Suggested Reading: Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain Republic, Lost: Version 2.0: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve: The Internet of Money Vol. II: Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and Dapps: Social: Telegram Group: Facebook: Twitter/Periscope: Instagram: Soundcloud: YouTube: SnapChat: Car-Gonz Google Voice: (512) 537-9209 Find Thriller Podcast: SubReddit: Stitcher Podcasts: Google Play Podcasts: Apple Podcasts: AnchorFM: Fiat Currency Donation: Venmo: @thrillerCar Square Cash Tag: $thrillerCar Square Cash App: Cryptocurrency Donations: Donate Bitcoin: 1B7kNMw3UuFifAzi3SVQNeKJq3qhbG45aV Donate Bitcoin Cash:189GhQDQYhebGAweWWoFt2LU7AsXAjgWow Donate Ethereum: 0x1471B0F3c973c596b312EAe210414648e169f749 Donate Litecoin: LUKRRKyZNPnd7PXs89N19cTTXb3LKGW4wp Donate Dash: Xq8zyZHX1kHKdyHGpiFxLz4wEE7dZLJhxH Donate Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhstWXmb8DqiUMtWWmKTkeEdZnLFJcHK24xdeBA8mkfnLGp3aYfvVXtTd5eLMamHPXRGZbA6oXXGBReRrTUVN1sFiJojhLt9 Donate Stellar: GCNE4BNCKLRVEVJ5JWD365P6YQ5SZLGFCQNJMWODO7ERFYSR2S4CG45C Donate Monero: 48CQ9X2fnpKUjnsZJDBaLHfapBTEbskSJeyjiyVq126SCAiUghEWqhoAtBqw2vPJ7rZjiGfJ87p3x9EnGcnwH9nCVnrVCaq