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Thriller Podcast – Episode 59: Vitalik Buterin || Ethereum Dream

News: Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrencies Will Come to a Bad Ending. “In terms of cryptocurrencies, generally, I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending … When it happens or how or anything else I don’t know.” He continued to say he would bet on their price declining over the next five years if he could. The noted investor further conceded he did not know a lot about bitcoin futures, but added that Berkshire Hathaway did not own any and would “never have a position in them.” Overstock Payments Glitch Mixes Up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: Report. Online retail giant has reportedly experienced a cryptocurrency payments bug that could have allowed customers to mint money simply via repeated cancellation of orders. Last week, North Carolina-based bank security firm Bancsec informed journalist Brian Krebs that had erroneously accepted bitcoin cash instead of bitcoin as payment for a product. Interesting Video of the Day: Face to Face with John Mcafee on Cryptocurrency Coin Talk: We discuss Bitcoin, VeChain, Golem, Reddcoin, Tron and the rest of the Coin Market Cap Main Topic: Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum Dream We dive into how Ethereum started and where it is going in the future all from the mind of Vitalik Buterin. Youtube Credits: HCTV Singularity Weblog Centre for International Governance Innovation Credits: Music for the Podcast: & Host: Support the Show: Patreon: Tip Jar: Hardware Wallets We Recommend: Ledger Nano S: KeepKey: Trezor: Suggested Reading: Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain Republic, Lost: Version 2.0: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve: The Internet of Money Vol. II: Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and Dapps: Social: Telegram Group: Facebook: Twitter/Periscope: Instagram: Soundcloud: YouTube: SnapChat: Car-Gonz Google Voice: (512) 537-9209 Find Thriller Podcast: SubReddit: Stitcher Podcasts: Google Play Podcasts: Apple Podcasts: AnchorFM: Fiat Currency Donation: Venmo: @thrillerCar Square Cash Tag: $thrillerCar Square Cash App: Cryptocurrency Donations: Donate Bitcoin: 1B7kNMw3UuFifAzi3SVQNeKJq3qhbG45aV Donate Bitcoin Cash:189GhQDQYhebGAweWWoFt2LU7AsXAjgWow Donate Ethereum: 0x1471B0F3c973c596b312EAe210414648e169f749 Donate Litecoin: LUKRRKyZNPnd7PXs89N19cTTXb3LKGW4wp Donate Dash: Xq8zyZHX1kHKdyHGpiFxLz4wEE7dZLJhxH Donate Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhstWXmb8DqiUMtWWmKTkeEdZnLFJcHK24xdeBA8mkfnLGp3aYfvVXtTd5eLMamHPXRGZbA6oXXGBReRrTUVN1sFiJojhLt9 Donate Stellar: GCNE4BNCKLRVEVJ5JWD365P6YQ5SZLGFCQNJMWODO7ERFYSR2S4CG45C Donate Monero: 48CQ9X2fnpKUjnsZJDBaLHfapBTEbskSJeyjiyVq126SCAiUghEWqhoAtBqw2vPJ7rZjiGfJ87p3x9EnGcnwH9nCVnrVCaq