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Can The Litecoin Price Reach Bitcoin?

Despite the fact that Litecoin can make 4 times faster transactions than Bitcoin, it is still not enough or an only good reason to invest in. When you have an extremely fast network, transactions can be instant and then the confirmation time of the block won’t be as important anymore.

In other words, this means that everything that Litecoin can make is a matter of time when Bitcoin can make it too and it’s no wonder I make a comparison only between these two cryptocurrencies since many people believe that Litecoin is created as a plan B to Bitcoin.

So, we are not saying that it’s impossible for one coin to overtake the other because on the crypto market anything is possible, but chances are a bit slim. It is very important to improve the Litecoin infrastructure and maybe even make it cheaper so that every player on the market will want to switch their payments and smart contracts to this cryptocurrency. However, Litecoin is expected to rise this year but it’s extremely hard to make precise predictions since the entire market is very volatile.

Still, with the current price movements, Litecoin is very far from Bitcoin and could only achieve the Bitcoin price if a major development or announcement comes out. If you want to learn more about Litecoin or check the latest news, make sure to follow this site

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