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Bytecoin [BCN] skyrockets with a 166% gain within hours after Binance listing

Bytecoin [BCN] is the new emerging hero with an unexpected gain right from scratch all the way to the peak. It is being noticed that BCN has shown a significant hike while the market is known for its volatility and unpredictable behaviors of all the coins.

BCN has gained over 165.38% in the last 24 hours as seen at the time of writing and this could be extremely profitable to its investors. BCN has risen from a very low price to a mind-boggling increase within a span of 24 hours and has still not stopped to do so. BCN is currently trading at $0.01 after hanging around at $0.00004 for a long time.

What might be the reason for this incredible gain margin over the night is answered by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The humongous increment broke out right after the leading exchange platform listed Bytecoin on their platform earlier today.

Tweet by Binance

Tweet by Binance

Bytecoin tweeted:

“I’m so proud to announce that Bytecoin is listed on @binance!!! A million thanks to everyone who participated in the integration process! And a huge thank you to our community for staying with us for all this time!”

Their earlier tweet stated:

“While the EU just started thinking about citizens’ data protection with #GDPR, Bytecoin has cared about their users’ privacy since 2012.”

With a market cap of $3.36 billion, BCN has now taken over the other coins to grab the 15th position in the market. The total market capitalization cumulative comes up to $440 billion which is still on a higher note despite slight bullish signs with the majority coins.

7 days chart for BCN

7 days chart for BCN

The social media handles of both the accounts are stormed with Tweets:

Crypto Collector:

“I have 6 million $BCN that I mind long time ago and still holding! Today is my lucky day.”

Phil Phadavone:

“Wow I see the pump lucky who ever sold their BCN feel sorry for the ppl getting these bags.”

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