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Say Goodbye to, LockTrip’s travel revolution is here!

The Blockchain-based rival rebrands as a result of a poll the company ran in its community of supporters in December 2017. is on a mission to eliminate the travel and tourism industry’s middlemen, thereby substantially decreasing the prices of rented and hotel accommodation. And while its mission is well-received by its investors, its name does not share the same fame.

LockChain’s Rebranding – a Logical Decision

Following a number of discussions and valid arguments brought up by its community, the company came up with a plan for a rebranding that will better serve LockChain’s target audience. According to me, the decision is more than logical, considering the continuous acknowledgment by Google’s search as a typo of the word “Blockchain” (exemplified by the image below).

Google search for Lockchain

Google search for LockChain

This has been a hindrance especially to people who have just heard of LockChain and are trying to conduct some research about the brand. The irrelevant Google (and Google-related companies, such as YouTube and Google+) results might leave potential customers with the impression that there is zero information about LockChain.

It comes as no surprise that the company decided to choose a new domain name, which is not only more attractive but also non-conflicting with Google’s auto-suggestions.

While migrating from one domain to another one, using the so-called “301 redirect”, is a fairly easy process with zero loss of traffic, all external posts related to the old brand “LockChain” will be, in practice, lost.

The Decision-Making Process

However, this proved to be less of a challenge in comparison to selecting the new name. The old company enlisted several criteria for rebranding. Among them were a cool, catchy, and relatively short name that is to be appreciated by non-crypto travelers and to contain the word “lock”. The word requirement is mainly due to the LOC token, which is the project’s infinity mark and is already being traded on exchanges and listed on CMC.

The company ended up with six (6) brands:

  • conducted two marketing polls among 500+ travel enthusiasts who were not related to the crypto world – a very smart move, in my opinion because that is company’s primary target audience. The only question in the polls they asked was:

“Which of the following brand names you like best for an ‘online travel website’?”

The first poll showed that was the least preferred name among all, so for the second round, it was dropped, along with and

The second poll encompassed four options, including, which was secured just before the voting. It was indeed LockTrip which won against the other three options.

LockTrip – the Doom of Agoda and Booking

Following the poll results, is now

I love the name not only because it sounds cool and is easy to remember but also because it is a wonderful association with the mechanics behind the token system (LOC tokens are locked for the duration of the trip). Additionally, the brand name has no competition and is better for SEO reasons since it dates from 2014, which makes it 3 years older than now redirects to the new website, which is already live. If you go there, you will immediately notice the slicker design, having solid visual references to the brand’s alpha marketplace. A testament to the latter is the new, more detailed road-map.

In fact, the new road-map aims at making LockTrip’s marketplace as friendly and as valuable as possible. This includes greatly improved hotel/accommodation descriptions and images, localizing the website and hotel content into 20+ languages, implementing fiat payments, launching of mobile apps, as well as introducing a unique affiliate program, among others.

I trust believe all these facts will present a huge blow to the current market gargantuans, such as and, which charge exorbitant fees, without adding any significant value. Plus, this is great news for you if you are not only a traveler but also a property owner.

Indeed, LockTrip allows hoteliers and property owners to offer their rooms at the platform for prices that are 20% lower on average, without affecting their profits. If the owners of Agoda and Booking had ever had a nightmare, LockTrip would definitely have been a part of it.

LockTrip – Your Wise Investment Choice

If you are not only a fan of affordable traveling but also of wise investments, LockTrip fulfills both criteria. Now, you have a choice to make:

Wait and watch for another brilliant brand to come and revolutionize the market, much like Airbnb and Uber did. Or finally make a great decision and invest in LockTrip, while it is still new, fresh, and more attractive than ever.

Its rebranding is set not only to catapult the company among the crème-de-la-crème of the industry but also to completely reform it. LockTrip already boasts 100,000+ hotels on its platform and with its fully-fledged mobile app, coming at the end of May, these numbers are yet to soar.

If you rather not want to kick yourself later because you missed yet another fascinating investment opportunity…

If you are sick and tired of paying exorbitant amounts to other platforms, which have nothing revolutionary to offer in return…

And especially now that the crypto world is recovering from the first bloody quarter of 2018, you cannot afford to not be a part of LockTrip…

Learn more by taking a look at the company’s website and join the discussion in their Telegram group.

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