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Software Giant Oracle To Debut Blockchain Platform Soon


Oracle Corporation is in the news this month, after preparing to present its platform-as-a-service blockchain product. According to experts, the software giant is one of the most recent companies entering the blockchain industry.

The news comes from Bloomberg and outlines the company’s plans to enter the blockchain space with apps. According to Thomas Kurian, the head of product development at Oracle, the new product will also be compatible with other platforms.

Meanwhile, Oracle is teaming up with Banco de Chile to log its interbank transactions on Hyperledger – and is actively working with Nigeria’s government in its efforts to document customs and import duties using the blockchain technology.

Moving forward, Oracle plans to also solicit pharmaceutical companies which need to track and trace the batches of medicine as a way to alleviate the burdens of product recalls.

In other news, Amazon Inc.’s cloud unit has also explored blockchain technology – therefore providing a fast and easy way to create and deploy secure blockchain networks with open source platforms. Users on it can focus on building blockchain applications rather than spending their time and energy on manual setups on the blockchain network.

Microsoft is another company that partnered with an Ethereum-based startup in 2016, preparing to deliver blockchain as an enterprise solution for its clients in the cloud-based Azure service.

That said, Oracle is moving on towards a new future and is already planning to embrace the blockchain in the best way possible.

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