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Stellar Lumens [XLM] based smart wallet reaches a milestone

Stellar and Smartlands’ partnership was a huge deal at the time of announcement and they are now back with an update.

They tweeted earlier today:

“The short summaries of the most important recent news about @Smartlands are available in our April newsletter.”

Smartlands had announced a new version of the Stellar-based wallet towards the end of April. Sticking to the roadmap, the technical team of Smartlands has now reached a milestone. Their primary focus has always been on developing a powerful and intuitive interface for trading on the Stellar’s decentralized exchange platform with the highlighted features being security, usability, fastest transaction speed and functionality.

Real Estate Tokenization:

One of the use cases is tokenization in the real-estate industry which is basically the process of converting rights to the property into digital tokens with the main advantage and the primary feature of asset-backed tokens [ABT] for investors being an unbreakable connection of real estate and tokens. This means low risk, liquidity, transparency, and security.

Blockchain networks support transparency, but only partially as blockchain itself is context-free. It literally means that pure blockchain and even smart contracts do not assure a connection with the real world. Framework, including business processes, software, autonomous machines or sensors, which collect data from real word and transfer to blockchain and smart contracts without a breach of continuity is the solution to this.

Private Shares Tokenization:

Another use case which on a comparison between securitization and tokenization shows that the blockchain creates one main information flow instead of multiple incoming data from various entities. This makes information sharing easier while also reducing costs and making the process less time-consuming.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract investments through traditional financial instruments as the market regulations lack flexibility. Asset tokenization is hence the future of investments they claim.

They stated:

“Tokenize your business! Create digital assets with blockchain.”

Stellar Lumens [XLM], the digital token is on a surfboard just like the other coins. Standing strongly at the 8th position for a long duration with a market cap of $7.5 billion approximately, it has kept its supporters intact. It is currently trading at $0.40 after some neutral gains and dips.

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