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Ripple [XRP]’s new symbol gets growing support from the community

Over the past month, the internet has watched and listened as a grassroots movement to create an XRP symbol has taken shape within the XRP community.

In tweets, forums, and blogs, members underscored that Ripple is just one entity using XRP to solve real business problems around the world, and in this way, using Ripple’s name or logomark to represent the full breadth and depth of the XRP ecosystem doesn’t make sense.

The community also highlighted that this usage is incorrect, as both Ripple and its logomark only represent their private, for-profit company, and are protected elements of their brand. The community wants a symbol free of corporate trademarks that might one day be included in the Unicode Standard, like Bitcoin’s ‘Ƀ’.

Not only does Ripple agree that the time has never been better for XRP to get its own visual identity — one that captures the digital asset’s utility, speed, and independence — but they also want to show their support by leveraging their design and legal teams to propose an option.

The new XRP symbol they are proposing exemplifies the unique attributes that differentiate XRP from other digital assets. Its ‘x’ refers, in part, to XRP’s role in efficiently moving money across borders. An ‘x’ also mathematically suggests a multiplier effect — where entities are building on one another to create something bigger — the same way the community drives innovation with XRP and the XRP Ledger.

Up and down arrows represent sending and receiving — a value exchange, like the two sides of completing a transaction, and the possibility of increased connectivity across different entities. The organic shape of its curves is suggestive of the human form — a nod to the community that supports XRP and its ecosystem.

Most importantly, no one entity or business holds legal rights to this new symbol, and it is simple to draw, allowing for easy adoption by anyone.

As innovators build on the XRP Ledger and develop new use cases for XRP, this XRP symbol is now available for people’s use.

Ripple urges interested people to download their proposed symbol. They are also encouraging people to review the Github repository that hosts a wide variety of community-driven designs.

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