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Is Tether Dead? BitPay Launches Stablecoin Settlement | Apple’s Co-Founder Joins Crypto Startup

For all the ones of you who were waiting to see a new post in our Daily News Video section, our reporter is now back, covering all the latest crypto news including headlines centered around Bitcoin, blockchain, as well as regulation.

To begin with, we are covering the latest Bitcoin news where analysts claim that this was the ‘final shakeout’ that potentially made Bitcoin bottom – with many beliefs that the leading cryptocurrency is heading towards a bullish run.

Aside from BTC, in the altcoin news, we have Tether (USDT), the dollar-pegged stablecoin, and its drop to an 18-month low, which negatively affected the market especially after the recent wipeout of approximately 250 million in USDT.

Aside from the record low, Tether (USDT) was also not invited in BitPay’s new stablecoin settlement, which proudly invited the two other dollar-pegged stablecoin including the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Circle’s USD Coin (USDC).

When it comes to news about exchanges, we have Coinbase and its recently opened brand new office in Dublin, which is another proof for the successful expansion of the company.

Bitcoin trading, meanwhile, reached a new high in Venezuela due to the inflation present in the country, as more and more Venezuelans are finding security in the leading cryptocurrency.

Steve Wozniak, who is the co-founder of Apple, has decided to launch a new blockchain-focused VC fund, which also stirred up the crypto news section on our site – mostly because the ‘Woz’ was once a skeptic but now seems a big believer in the blockchain.

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