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Crypto Jobs Up 300%! Lost BTC 20% Rate of Recovery | Only 45% of Exchanges Meet Security Standards

In our latest cryptocurrency news vlog, we are touching the world of crypto from many sides, talking about all the headlines that went viral over the past few days.

To begin with, our reporter is covering our latest media coverage – in which DC Forecasts proudly backed the Global Disruptive Blockchain Innovation Summit (GDIS) which took place on October 1st this year and was held at the Silicon Valley and gathered a lot of blockchain experts.

Meanwhile, the interest for blockchain and crypto seems to be on the rise – best confirmed by a new report which shows that the number of crypto/blockchain jobs has increased by 300% compared to last year.

When it comes to exchanges and security, a new report shows that only 45% of all crypto exchanges meet all of the security parameters (a number that was comprised of a few security ratings).

The lost Bitcoins are again in the news- this time in a survey that showed BTC’s real recovery rate, estimating it at 20% which means that only one in five people is able to retrieve their lost Bitcoins.

To sum up our latest daily news video, we are talking about the CEO of Russian Bank Sberbank, who thinks that governments are not ready to pair with cryptocurrencies – but may be in the 3-5 year span to come.

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