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Cryptocurrencies Experience Slight Fluctuations While The Market Receives Mixed Signals

Over the weekend the crypto market has seen some mixed signals where most of the top 15 cryptocurrencies experienced minor fluctuations, but Bitcoin Cash and Stellar are the only two that are getting the most attention in today’s crypto news because of the 3.5 percent gains they made.

Bitcoin failed to maintain the $6,400 price point and this major cryptocurrency was down by 4 percent over the weekend. Now it is trading at $6,387 after reaching the lowest point over the past 48 hours at $6,342.

Ethereum has also seen dropping from $201 to $199.5 over the weekend, but as of today, the altcoin is again at the same spot at $201 despite the decline of 0.4 percent in the past 48 hours. Another price drop is to be expected since a group of analysts from Northeastern University and the University of Maryland claim that the Ethereum smart contracts don’t have the right amount of diversity and therefore pose a threat to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

Ripple was also slightly down, decreasing by 0.6 percent over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin Cash, which is the fourth coin by market cap, showed a 3.6 percent growth in the past 48 hours and is trading at $534 at the time of writing.

Stellar also saw a distinctive growth when it increased by 3.8 percent over the 24 hours and was trading at $0.24.

The total market capitalization is around $206 billion which shows that it dropped slightly from the previous $207. The daily trade volume also sees a slight drop to $10 billion. At the time of writing, the total number of all cryptocurrencies listed on  CoinMarketCap is 2,097.

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