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‘’Coinbase’s Listing Of XRP Was An Independent Decision’’: Miguel Vias

A senior executive at Ripple claimed on social media that the blockchain-based payment network did not influence Coinbase’s decision to list the cryptocurrency on its exchange and we are looking deeper into that claim in today’s altcoin news.

A Twitter debate emerged between the United Kingdom-based investor Alistair Milne and Ripple’s head of markets Miguel Vias where Milne wrote to the company asking how they feel about the rumors revolving around Ripple paying or offering an incentive to Coinbase in order for XRP to be listed on their platform-Coinbase PRO.

The director of communications at Coinbase Elliott Suthers refused to discuss in public over this matter but Vias, however, denied the allegations saying:

 “We’re happy to go on the record,” he wrote, contradicting Suther’s perspective. Coinbase’s listing of XRP (also, not “our token”) was Coinbase’s independent decision – we did not give them anything to make it happen.”

The series of tweets continued the controversy around Ripple. Vias continuously rejected Milne’s previous description of XRP as belonging to Ripple but this is still a controversial statement because there are multiple contradictory statements from the company’s own executives and researchers.

On February 28, Coinbase announced the listing of XRP to its other platforms despite Coinbase PRO. The company claimed that the users can now buy, sell, send, receive and convert XRP both on Coinbase Android and iOS apps and

Coinbase has also seen some critiques over the past couple of weeks after deciding to take over blockchain data company Neutrino since concerns emerged from some crypto community sources.