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Roger Ver: ‘Don’t Delete Coinbase – No Other Firms Does More For Crypto’

One of the most polarizing characters in the crypto industry, Roger Ver, is part of the latest digital currency news. He is known for making solid statements and comments about Bitcoin, altcoin and regulation.

In the latest news, Ver defended the San Francisco-based Coinbase in the face of the ongoing #DeleteCoinbase boycott. A few people have done more to support the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies than Ver. So, while he is defending Coinbase, he has been wrong in the past in his support of cryptocurrency exchanges and its cost crypto investors dearly.

Ver has come to the defense of Coinbase and suggested that few other companies can claim to have done as much to push crypto adoption forward as the San Francisco-based crypto giant.

As an investor, Ver has done more to promote cryptocurrency adoption than any other individual. This has earned him the nickname ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ due to his early evangelism in the space.

While Ver’s support towards Coinbase makes sense, his defense of a now infamous cryptocurrency exchange caused many investors loss and grief.