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Two Thirds Of Crypto Investors Are Bitcoin (BTC) Maximalists: Poll

A new poll is in the latest crypto news, centered around the community and its approach in investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. It’s true that everyone has their favorite coin and the opinions and trading strategies vary. However, the poll showed that among the entire crypto population, two-thirds of investors have the majority of their funds invested in Bitcoin (BTC) – known as Bitcoin maximalists.

In the poll, it was revealed that the Bitcoin maximalists are here every single day – and 68% of the crypto investors prefer Bitcoin while the altcoins are an afterthought and seen as a major risk.

Shared on Twitter by the crypto analyst Dave the Wave, this poll was perfectly timed – while Bitcoin is stable and altcoins are rising – but did not show something that we didn’t know. Even though some of the people say that 1,700 votes are a criteria that is too low, the poll suggests the optimal balance between users.

Of the options available for respondents to choose from was “all in BTC,” “all in alts” such as Litecoin or EOS, “30% in BTC, 70% in alts,” or “70% BTC, 30% alts.”

The overwhelming majority voted that leaning heavily towards Bitcoin allocation is the best portfolio, while having at least some exposure to altcoins. A whopping 42% of the respondents voted this way.

The next section were traders with a little more than a quarter of all votes – standing at 26% – which said that Bitcoin is the all-in trading pool in their wallets. Next up with 22% of the votes is the recommendation of people who invested 30% in Bitcoin and 70% in other coins, followed by the last group which was going all in on altcoins and summed up to only 10%.

All of this lets us see that there are more Bitcoin maximalists nowadays. In the poll, the number of Bitcoin maximalists that responded clocks in at 68% of all the 1,700+ votes, leaving the remaining 32% either only or primarily focused on altcoins.

And while Bitcoin is for many the best long term crypto investments, it is worthy to mention that the altcoin season is up and there are multiple surges for many altcoins – even some you have never heard of.