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Twitch Apparently Removed Bitcoin (BTC) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) As Payment Options

The leading streaming service out there, Twitch, has allegedly removed Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the official payment options for subscriptions. The latest cryptocurrency news echoed everywhere after a Reddit user reported the change on March 23, noting that the options to pay for a sub with crypto are now gone.

The user also noted that Twitch offered an option to pay with BTC and BCH with BitPay as a payment processor – but has since “removed it in the last couple of weeks as a payment method for all countries.”

One user was frustrated and noted that they cancelled all of the Twitch subscriptions and sent an assistance ticket to the company.  Another user replied to his comment stating:

“One of BTC’s weaknesses, automatic sheduled payments are something either a wallet must do, or been written inside some smart contract which requires ETH or some similar blockchain. BCH doesn’t need DAPPS but something along timed payments. Any custodial wallet should offer the feature.”

There are some optimistic comments on Reddit though, just like this one from one user who scratched the surface of a feature which would make paying for subscriptions easier:

“Feature, not a bug. This allows the consumer full control over automatic payments, not companies which will quickly charge your card with a rate hike with little or no notification leaving the onus on the consumer to recover over charges. Smart contracts will vastly improve automatic payments models.”

This is interesting because on March 20, another Reddit user claimed that Streamlabs (which is another popular streaming website used by Twitch to receive tips) also removed support for cryptocurrency. As the user said, a new version of the software that has been released no longer contains support for the crypto donations.

The comment section also features one comment which states:

“It’s sad because it’s a vicious circle with companies doing stuff like this. They’ve probably removed it through the lack of people using it but there’s a lack of people using it because they just had no idea about it, like myself, had no clue either.”

Twitch hasn’t responded to the request for comment on this move by press time. As we reported on our site, Twitch previously offered support for Bitcoin as a payment option using Coinbase as the go-to payment processor.