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Top Gainers: Tezos [XTZ], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Litecoin [LTC] surge as collective market turns green

Bitcoin’s [BTC] early-April price rally met its first obstacle last week when a market correction dragged the top coin below $5,200 and the global coin market cap under $180 billion. Now, it seems like the bears have backed off, with the market trading in green with a few coins spearheading the bullish charge.

Source: Trading View

Tezos [XTZ], was the only coin that amassed a double-digit increase, while its competitors edged the US dollar minimally. Closing the previous week on a high, the 16 largest cryptocurrencies had a slew of announcements that contributed to the rise. Tezos’ Athens second round of voting was complete, node management improved, data fetching was updated via Conseil and the Tezos board saw a restructuring.

During the weekend, Tezos saw a massive increase in its price from $0.96 by 16.66 percent to break $1 ceiling and reach $1.12, within nine hours. The same period saw a massive $150 million top-up to the Tezos market capitalization. Given this rapid and massive rise, the coin overtook both Neo [NEO] and Ethereum Classic [ETC] on the coin ladder. takes the top spot in terms of XTZ trade volume, accounting for 17.98 percent of global trade via the trading pair XTZ/USDT. Other notable exchanges on the list are BitMax, Bitfinex, and Kraken.

Source: Trading View

Bitcoin Cash, has been riding a bullish wave isolated from the collective market surge, which has allowed the BTC hard fork to jump two spots ahead, overtaking EOS [EOS], and Litecoin [LTC]. Last week, the Singapore exchange Huobi integrated Bitcoin Cash on the exchange’s derivative market allowing investors to take a short or long position with the crypto. This addition saw BCH join the likes of BTC, Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin, EOS, and XRP, on Huobi DM.

The price of BCH, which is already enjoying quite an upswing was further buoyed by the aforementioned announcement. Beginning at 0500 UTC on April 14, the price began to move from $278 and was rising by 8.63 percent to break the $300 barrier. The market cap of the coin added over $500 million since the rise began, increasing the lead on Litecoin. As things stand, BCH edged up the dollar by 9.5 percent in a 24-hour window.

OEX takes the top spot in terms of BCH trade volume, accounting for 16.17 percent of the global volume via the BCH/USDT trading pair. Other prominent exchanges on the list are OKEx, CoinBene, and Huobi Global.

Source: Trading View

Digital Silver trailed Bitcoin Cash and Tezos by exhibiting a 7.95 percent gain against the dollar. Litecoin saw its highest hash rate achieved on April 8 at 359 terahash and with the imminent August halving in mind, the coin’s price surged. Interestingly, last week also saw a major correction for the coin, dropping by 18 percent, prior to the weekend’s gains.

Litecoin, unlike the other coins, is merely looking to get back to the bullish days of April 11, when the correction struck. Owing to that resurgence, the coin saw a price push of 5.89 percent to reach $83.72 within a five-hour period. The market cap of the coin added over $200 million, but still trails Bitcoin Cash by over $250 million.

Coinall accounts for 8.63 percent of the global LTC trade volume via the trading pair LTC/BTC. Other prominent exchanges on the list are Coineal, Bit-Z, and OKEx.

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