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Ethereum is ‘programmable money Bitcoin wanted to be’: Developer

Eric Connor, who recently began contributing to Gnosis, a decentralized platform for prediction markets, has argued that Ethereum is “programmable money.”

Connor noted via Twitter (on May 3rd, 2019) that the developers of Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency, have not integrated additional functionality into the Bitcoin protocol, so that it may be used to develop applications like those built on Ethereum.

Ethereum Isn’t Programmable Money, But Tezos Is?

In response to Connor’s tweet, Arthur Breitman, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Dynamic Ledger Solutions, a firm that is involved in the development of Tezos, remarked:

“Thankfully, many voices in the Ethereum community [do not consider Ethereum to be an advanced form of money.]”

Interestingly, Breitman added that he would be happy if Tezos, “a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth [while facilitating] formal verification,” is used as, or thought of as, programmable money.

Soon after Breitman made these comments, Anthony Sassano, the co-founder of EthHub, a “research and resources hub that aims to solve the issue of information asymmetry in the Ethereum ecosystem,” questioned how Tezos was actually better at “being programmable money than Ethereum.”

Tezos-Based Smart Contracts Better Than Ethereum’s?

According to Breitman:

“Technology aside (lower inflation, better smart contracts), money is a social construct. You spend enough time telling people Eth is “just gas,” you’ll end up creating common belief that it is.”

Responding to Breitman’s statements, Sassano pointed out:

Meanwhile, Gabriel, the CEO at NAO Logic, a code automation platform for enterprise-grade  applications, mentioned that RSK, a Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain secured smart contract network, is the “programmable Bitcoin Ethereum wanted to be.”

Buterin Joins Conversation

Perhaps jokingly, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted:

Commenting further on the topic, Twitter user Melike Manukyan noted:

“If by ‘programmable money’, you mean programmable inflation rates, sure, I suppose, perhaps a small group of Bitcoiners that wanted to play central bank.”

Expressing his views (and confusion) regarding the matter, Puneet Verma (@puneetv_) tweeted:

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