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Binance Launchpad Projects Make Up To 620% Returns

Binance Launchpad projects

Binance Launchpad projects seem to be making spectacular returns after the CEO of the company congratulated the platform on Twitter. Following the latest cryptocurrency news, the Binance Coin is also increasing and reached up to 40% increase since the hack.

The Binance Coin (BNB) did well after the massive hack where 7,000 bitcoins were stolen from the hot wallets of the exchange. In the meantime, the success of the Binance Launchpad projects in offering new crypto to investors is boosting the business and keeps up the demand for the coin high.

Even before the retail investors and Wall Street hedge funds started closing up on bitcoin this spring, the Binance Launchpad was the leading altcoin in 2019. It was the best gainer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies and still manages to hold that position.

Back in February as reported in the altcoin news, the Binance Launchpad projects resulted in the issuance of two token-sale sessions for TRON’s Founder BitTorrent (BTT) which was for the purchases in BNB coin and the other for purchases in TRON (TRX). The token sale ended in less than 15 minutes. If binance deployed more computing power it might have influenced the process in terms of time and could have completed the ICO in less time.

Binance Launchpad’s Fetch (FET) token sale was over in 10 seconds. Those who managed to buy it off the platform have managed to make 119 percent returns on their investments. Also, Celer (CELR) and Matic (MATIC) in April generated up to 126% and %620 gains from the Launchpad prices.

All of the Binance Launchpad projects are selected carefully. The applicants that are chosen enjoy the support of the startup accelerator. They also gain resources and direction but most importantly, the reputation that comes along with the Binance name. A large part of the value in the binance Launchpad comes because of the professionals hired to do their job which is helping the investors what coins to buy.

The value in Binance comes also with the professionalism, knowledge, and competence of Changpeng Zhao and his team. Crypto investors seem to believe in the largest crypto exchange platform by volume since they are pouring their money into it.

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