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Bitcoin SV (BSV) Doubles In Value After The BTC Copyright Claims

Bitcoin BSV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) managed to increase in value and even reached a market valuation of $2,478 in under two hours. The coming altcoin news will show you more of the analysis.

There is no clear evidence on how this cryptocurrency managed to attract the additional $1.4 billion. The move happened out of nowhere and the crypto community believes that someone with a lot of money poured them in the eleventh largest cryptocurrency. As of yesterday, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) to dollar exchange rate established an all-time high at $195 which is a 200 percent increase after the market open.

The price action was surprising mainly because Bitcoin SV emerged as one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies. The creator of the altcoin Craig Wright is constantly in the headlines after he went after everyone who questioned his identity as the real creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. As a result, multiple crypto exchanges Kraken, Binance and ShapeShift delisted BSV causing its price to crash by 50 percent in just 20 days.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) rebounded by 36 percent during the bullish sentiment on the market. However, the altcoin failed to overshadow its peers such as bitcoin and ethereum. Suddenly, out of nowhere, BSV increased by up to 200 percent on May 21. The massive price surge came with the bitcoin copyright registrations filed by Dr. Wright with the US government. His associate Calvin Ayer stated:

 “BSV doubled on Craig’s copyright news. This is only the start of him proving BSV is the only bitcoin. Now is a great time to convert all your other shite coins to Bitcoin.”

However, as reported in the latest cryptocurrency news, the copyright does not entitle Craig Wright with any exclusive rights on Bitcoin. It seems as the big pockets are pouring and pumping the Bitcoin SV market to confirm the ‘’we-are-the-best’’ slogan. A massive 200 price surge is one of the reasons why traders should restrain themselves from buying the high or the lower lows.

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) price corrected up to 53 percent before establishing a historic high at $195 on Huobi. The market bias is currently bullish and the majority of the technical indicators signal the strong buying sentiment. With the flawed fundamentals, a dump right now should not surprise the market.

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