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Epic Surge Adds 10% ($25bn.) To Crypto Market Overnight

epic surge

An epic surge is in the headlines of many best cryptocurrency news sites, adding more than $25 billion to the crypto market overnight as more traders and investors are active and going in again. Bitcoin is in the pole position after nearly touching the $9,000 mark, but other coins are also participating in the massive increase.

All of this managed to send BTC to 12 months high and the total market capitalization has also reached a new 2019 and ten month peak. The epic surge was well accepted in the altcoin news too, especially because altcoins were triggered by BTC’s correction.

Currently trading at above $8,700, it is clear that Bitcoin is on a roll and the main coin which is leading the epic surge. The analysts are now predicting a move to the mid $9,000 because of the strong momentum – and a potential bullish rally to $10,000 which is going to be greatly appreciated by many.

Ethereum, on the other hand, enjoyed the epic surge with a 7% added to its price, making it reach $270 before slightly dropping back. However, the daily ETH volume is back over $10 billion which is definitely good for sending the second largest crypto asset in the world up to $300 in no time.

The latest cryptocurrency news show that the top ten is a wall of green as the altcoins are making moves and recording big gains today. Litecoin is the altcoin that leads the epic surge in this space, adding 11% to its price and reaching $114 which is its highest price since June 2018. As the stats show, Bitcoin Cash and EOS are also strong with over 9% each, reaching $439 and $6.92 respectively.

Justin Sun was also featured in the coming altcoin news, sharing his excitement for TRON and BitTorrent. As the founder of TRON stated:

Something huge and amazing going about and . I will share with you after June 1. I think I have 70% to win and nail it. Fingers crossed!

The FOMO (fear of missing out) is high after the epic surge which resulted in a lot of gains. When markets are on fire like they are now, it is very possible that the rally will continue, analysts claim.

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