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Google Responded To CCN Website Shut Down Allegations

google responded

Google responded to the allegations after the popular altcoin news website announced its closure due to an update in Google’s algorithm.

According to the website, the Google Core update led to a decrease in readers and traffic on the website. However, Google responded and explained that the updates may have varying effects on the website and its decision to shut down. announced the closure of the website on June 10. The popular search site often makes an update to the systems in order to keep up with the fast pace of the internet environment. A Google team representative explained it in an email with Forbes about the algorithm and any recent changes that the company made that could have had an effect of the crypto site. The company aims to provide relevant results for everyone searching the web, according to the email.

The Google representative added:

“With any update, some sites might not perform as well as in the past, while other sites might perform better.”

Also, the company made clear that some of the crypto news sites at the time may achieve better results because of the algorithm updates since the sites did not previously see benefits of their high relevance. The most recent update on Google, according to the representative noted that it provided the community with a broad explanation of the entire situation that was initially posted in October 2018. The tweet contained similar information explaining the occurrence of the updates and why some of the crypto websites are more affected than others. The representative also shared Google links that lead to the webmaster guidelines page and the community forums.

The founder of or Crypto Coin News, Jonas Borchgrevnik, blamed Google mainly for the shut down of his company. After the Google Core Update as previously reported in the latest cryptocurrency news that happened on June 3 this year Borchgrevnik says that CCN saw a massive decrease in traffic. He also noted that about 60 percent of the employees will now be left without their jobs and their salaries. He noted:

“Our search traffic dropped by more than 71% overnight. With that, we saw a drastic decline in ad revenues, noting a fall of “more than 90%.”

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