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Ethereum’s mobile wallet landscape

Ethereum’s mobile wallet landscape continues to scale at a rapid rate, laying crucial foundations for the next adoption cycle where, developers hope, demand will largely be driven by applications outside of passive speculation.

The vision for Ethereum mobile wallets extends far beyond a secure and convenient method for storing and sharing crypto assets. Rather, these projects are ultimately vying to become the mass market portal into the Ethereum-based economy. The financialization of games, collectible assets, network security, and governance, among other domains, means that a wallet suddenly becomes an invaluable part of 21st century human existence and experience.

A selection of leading mobile wallet projects, featuring: DexWallet, Gemini, Rainbow, Argent, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, and TrustWallet 


Ease of Use:

This broadly refers to how intuitive actions are within each mobile wallet, whether sending and receiving assets or interacting with other pages and applications. 

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