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Tron’s Network Accounts Surpass 4 Million With Samsung Partnership

tron's network

Tron’s network accounts officially surpassed 4 million after the Samsung Partnership as per the CEO of the company. We are reading more about it in the TRXTron news today.

In a tweet on Nov.4, the monitoring resource TRONSCAN announced that Tron’s network accounts are now at 4.015 million which is a figure that Justin Sun subsequently broadcast. The numbers don’t really explain whether the account is in use or dormant and in the case of the second one, whether the inactivity is possibly permanent.

For Bitcoin (BTC), the different resources measuring active accounts produce different results. According to Blockchain, there are now over 463,000 daily active Bitcoin addresses since November started. In Tron’s case, the number of daily active accounts is likely to be smaller than the total created since the network was created. However, Tron has seen millions of tethers swapped to the blockchain from Ethereum previously.

Sun has devoted a lot of effort to expand the profile of both Tron and its native token TRX. These efforts provided him with unwanted attention, especially this year after a run-in with the Chinese authorities. The progress continues despite the issues with the South Korean tech giant Samsung, adding TRON support to the decentralized app store at the end of October.

Sun previously hinted the move saying it is a deal with a $100 billion megacorporation. TRX is now the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, trading for just under 2 cents per token. The project founder Justin Sun shared the announcement on Twitter and he also pointed out that he will take the stage at the Samsung Developer Conference so the TRON network will be integrated into the software development kit of the company’s blockchain Keystore which is a platform that helps users manage private keys on the latest batch of crypto-friendly mobile phones.

Samsung is the leader in the smartphone industry and has future plans to integrate blockchain and crypto in the company. TRON has a lot of detractors in the industry because many believe that Bitcoin is the only important cryptocurrency. there is even more room for DAPP platforms and Tron offers a lot of growth potential in terms of users.

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