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Bitcoin SV Flips BNB As Feud With Binance Continues

Bitcoin SV flips

Bitcoin SV flips the Binance Coin as the feud with the popular crypto exchange Binance continues as we are reading further in the Bitcoin SV news.

BSV rallied in January and expanded its price by 50 percent and the proponents of the project even saw the project delivering something big for the coin in the upcoming months. So far, Calvin Ayre as the largest proponent of the altcoin announced the news that resulted in a pump in the price but nothing unusual happened according to the standards in the crypto space. The altcoin moved up the charts right after the pump and now Bitcoin SV flips the Binance Coin (BNB) after a busy weekend price action.

The recent developments added a lot of heat to the already heated up feud between BSV supporters and Binance after the popular crypto exchange delisted BSV in 2019 because of Craig Wright’s lawsuit campaign against the prominent crypto Twitter figures. BSV is now standing at $162 and a volume of $1.1 billion with a lot of room for growth if the traders FOMO comes back with a pump. BSV also used the low-volume trick during the weekend to pull off the work on the regaining value. During the pump, the project continued to boost the claims that Craig Wright is the only, true inventor of Bitcoin despite the many pieces of evidence that claim the contrary and who choose to support the ‘’true vision’’ of the real inventor of Bitcoin in the form of Bitcoin SV.

The asset didn’t manage to do a flippening with EOS as well that is now stagnated at around $2.62 so right now it seems that BSV stabilized over BNB which also slumped despite the charismatic effect of CZ. Bitcoin SV transactions have hosted twice as many transactions as Bitcoin in the past few months but the transactions have no guarantee of real adoption so they can be generated artificially. There are a few problems that BSV is facing that could have a huge impact on the asset’s price over the course of the year and the first one is the ongoing lawsuit against Craig Wright.

Right now, the latest court rulings have stated that the judges are giving Wright up to February because of his ‘’bonded courier’’ to deliver the final key to access bitcoins that are held in trust. If it doesn’t arrive, it could have serious ramifications on Wright’s case and the claim that he is the real inventor of Bitcoin.

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