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Blockchain Textbook Guide Has Just Been Published By China

Blockchain textbook

A blockchain textbook guide has just been released by China where you can learn all about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The readers can also learn about their future usage and potential impact on the world despite the fact that trading is banned in the country for years, so let’s read more in the blockchain news below.

China’s Communist Party just released the second printing of the blockchain textbook guide according to a recent report and it shows that the book is about 200 pages long and consists of 23 different articles. Some of the topics include all of the technical aspects such as artificial intelligence and blockchain but also provide information on monetary systems, finances, and cryptocurrencies. It also acknowledges the digital assets placing them right on the cover since the digital currency is inevitable in the course of history.

This book comes as guidance for China’s planned state-backed cryptocurrency and it was announced last year and it could be launched in November 2019 but will arrive later. Some of them consider that the country didn’t actually know how to use a digital currency which is the reason behind the delay. According to the report, the blockchain textbook guide will provide officials with the needed information for clarification of the coin’s future purpose. The People’s Republic of China had its fair share of blockchain history over the years and most of the world was paying more attention to crypto while China decided to ban crypto trading.

Since then, the community considered China to be against crypto but in October last year, President Xi Jinping urged the citizens to start embracing blockchain technology which had a serious impact on Bitcoin’s price. The officials quickly made sure that there’s no misconception about it so the country introduced a new regulatory update saying that cryptocurrencies are still illegal, staying true to their ‘’blockchain and not Bitcoin’’ attitude. The publishing of the handbook guide on both topics is regarded as a move in the right direction but it could also be solely related to the nation’s upcoming state-backed digital asset that has been under development in the past year.

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