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Thriller Crypto

Bitcoin Miner Revenue is Approaching Yearly High

Bitcoin price regained and held ground above $8000 May 24 as new data showed miner revenues had reached their highest in 10 months. Mining Reverses 2018 Bear Market Lows Data from confirmed miners’ income as the latest in a series of Bitcoin metrics to…

Bitcoin Ceiling at $8,500 But AT&T is a Stamp of Approval

Bitcoin capped at $8,500 AT &T now accepts Bitcoin, partners with Bitpay An observer is of the view that the next Bitcoin will not be “Bitcoin” or even a cryptocurrency. If that is correct, it may explain investors’ renewed optimism now that Wall Street is…

Montana Governor Signs Bill, Utility Tokens Exempt From Securities Laws

While the recently signed bill exempts utility tokens from securities laws in the state of Montana, a plethora of specific conditions surround the ruling. These include how a token is marketed to investors and when its “consumptive purpose” becomes available to holders.

Brave Rolls Out Twitter Tipping Feature

Users of the Brave browser will now see a “tip” icon alongside Twitter’s usual comment, like, and retweet options. Tips can be made using Brave’s native Basic Attention Token, and will be held for 90 days for the individual on the receiving end to claim…

Facebook Prepares To Launch ‘GlobalCoin’ In 2020

Set to introduce GlobalCoin to a dozen countries initially, Facebook has been knee deep in regulatory talks with the US Treasury, the governor of the Bank of England, and Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by Mark Zuckerberg’s legal pals, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

Dash Unleashes the ChainLocks Upgrade

Asia Crypto Today News In a significant development, cryptocurrency powerhouse has announced plans to implement a new, unique network upgrade. The post Dash Unleashes the ChainLocks Upgrade appeared first on Asia Crypto Today Cryptocurrency News from Asia.

Hackers Have Looted More Bitcoin Than Satoshi’s Entire Stash

Ever since cryptocurrencies started gaining value, hackers have targeted exchanges that provide digital asset trading and malicious entities have siphoned billions of dollars worth of bitcoin since 2011. So far, over 1 million of the world’s BTC has been stolen from exchanges and traders continue…

Circle Warns US Cryptocurrency Laws are ‘Chilling Innovation’

Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency startup Circle says lack of clarity from U.S. regulators about digital assets is hurting the country’s crypto market. Regulatory Ambiguity Hurting US Cryptocurrency Market In a blog post published on Thursday (May 23, 2019), Circle put forward its opinion about the current…